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Friday, September 23, 2011

Blog Update #4 , Sorry missed a week

Well, it looks like I missed a week in my updates. Though I have good excuse, last week I was nursing an infected tooth, and the week ended up with me having a root canal and a new crown. As one who hates the dentist, let me say that one should never underestimate the power of laughing gas It takes the edge off and really makes the experience more enjoyable.

Well onto some updates!

First up are some Bretonians. This is a rather large commission and I will probably have weekly updates with it. The customer, a friend from the local hobby shop where I used to live, wanted this band of knights to all have a cohesive element to them. So all the barding is painted blue, while the shields on the barding and their personal shields will bear unique heraldry. The client provided me with some older Bretonnian decals for this purpose. The horse on the left has the decal placed, a little touch up with a brush, and some highlights and I think it will look great.

Another interesting thing about this commission is the gold on the helmets. As many in this hobby will witness too painting gold is a major PITA! So I thought with this project I would try something new, and see how it went. Basically I did what has been done before. I painted the area in GW Mithril Silver, then once dry I added about 4 to 6 coats of Gryphonne Sepia. This really brought the gold color out. Then once I achieved the look I was after with the sepia I went back in and added some black, this really made the gold pop!

Next up is going to be an ebay project. As part of a trade a while back I received a Forgeworld Dreadnought, a World Eater one. I was playing around with what to do with it for a while and I settled on this pose. The "tortured" victim on the wrack is a converted Privateer Press mini that I had in my bits box. The wrack was built out of aluminum and copper tubing, with some Chaos bits.

Lastly, I have made some more progress on my Imperial Fist army. Many of the "Bad Ass Space Marines" that I posted pictures of in an earlier
post are going to be for this army. I am really digging the yellow, the Cadmium Yellow is such a bright and vivid color. These guys have been painted with oil paints, the bases are a mixture of bases from Secretweapon and Base Contacts, they have been weathered with pigments from Secretweapon.