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Monday, July 25, 2011

Death Company Dreadnought and transport!

I recently took to fielding DC in my lists, they are pretty fun, but in the end I decided that DC was not for me, I am far to conservative of a player to field DC. But these guys were done up so nicely that it is worth the mention.

The rhino/razorback combo is now how I am building all my transports, with the ability to have the stormbolter and top hatch removed so that the transport can be ran as a razorback if needed. In addition the weapon, las/plas, has been magnetized as well so that I can switch things out if needed too.

The big guy is a conversion I did a while ago and was quite fun to do, basically I looked at the BA dread box and said, "there is no way a DC dreadnought should be standing still like that!" So out came the plasticard, and razorsaw and an hour later I had a pose I liked.


Sunday, July 3, 2011

Bad Ass Space Marine Conversions!

I love Space Marines, I think the fluff is awesome, I think the models, to a degree, are awesome, and I love painting and converting them...So when I set out to build my Imperial Fist army, I decided that I really wanted to take my time and make each marine as unique as possible. In addition I have been reading a lot of the 40k battle books, and though it does not translate so well sometimes in the game, Space Marines are freakin uber!!

So the decision was made to try and make my marines look "bad ass" I know when you see the title to the post you might be thinking that I am implying that these are "bad ass" marine conversions, but that is not what I am leading to at all, in fact I think in some ways my conversion skills are sub-par at best....the conversions I am talking about here are conversions that make marines look "bad ass", as opposed to the Space Marine "two-step"....lean to left, lean to the right...

So in the end my goal is to build the entire Imperial Fist 5th company, and to make each tactical marine, and maybe the others ;) unique in some way, something that can contribute to the "bad ass-ness" of their appearance.

Feel free to check out my Imperial Fist album, it has more pictures there of other conversions in various stages of build. In case your wondering too, the bases are resin bases from Base Contacts, tell him Ashton sent you when you order your stuff from him!