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Monday, July 25, 2011

Death Company Dreadnought and transport!

I recently took to fielding DC in my lists, they are pretty fun, but in the end I decided that DC was not for me, I am far to conservative of a player to field DC. But these guys were done up so nicely that it is worth the mention.

The rhino/razorback combo is now how I am building all my transports, with the ability to have the stormbolter and top hatch removed so that the transport can be ran as a razorback if needed. In addition the weapon, las/plas, has been magnetized as well so that I can switch things out if needed too.

The big guy is a conversion I did a while ago and was quite fun to do, basically I looked at the BA dread box and said, "there is no way a DC dreadnought should be standing still like that!" So out came the plasticard, and razorsaw and an hour later I had a pose I liked.


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