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Monday, June 6, 2011

1750 "Extra Crispy" Tourney Army

Here is the 1750 list that I took to a local tournament recently. The photos aren't the best, I took them the day of the tourney and it was a bit cloudy outside

Anyway the army was a TON of fun to play. The Heavy Flamer's proved to be quite useful and were definitely something that people were not sure how to react too. I had the best finish I have had since I started playing 40k a year ago, 6th out of 80+ players!
The FOC restrictions made for some creative list building, and ultimately the Immolator Spam template the Kirby over at 3++ came up with was the starting point that I used for this army.

The models are not painted in the traditional Blood Angel manner, this is my DIY successor chapter, "Sanguine Templar's" I really like the look of SM's done up "Black Templar" style, but I also like the BA wala!!! Sanguine Templar's

Here is a break down of the list that I took;

-Fear the Darkness

Stern Guard x 5
-Combi-Meltax 2
-HK Missile
-Twin-Linked Heavy Flamer

2 x Tac Squad x 10
-Missile Launcher
-Melta Gun
-Razor Back
-HK Missile
-Twin-Linked Heavy Flamer

3 x ASM x 5
-Melta Gun
-Infernous Pistol
-HK Missile
-Dozer Blade
-Twin Linked Heavy Flamer

2 x Baal Predator
-Flamestorm Cannon

2 x Dreadnought w/ 2 Twin-Linked Auto Cannons

One thing that this army proved to provide was target frustration for my opponent, where do you start? What do you kill first? In addition to a great finish, I also took "Best Painted Army" and the "Players Choice" award!

More army pictures can be found here

Thanks for looking and feel free to leave any feedback!



  1. Hey redfinger you got a nice army there.Keep up the good work.

  2. Edit:I really like this army selection. It definitely seems to have the "Wait. What should I shoot first" for the opponents. I also love the paint job. Keep up the awesome work.

  3. Thanks guys, it was a very fun army to play and I really enjoyed myself at the tournament.