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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Grey Knight Justicar

Here is the first of 5 Grey Knight Terminators that I am working on. This one here is the Justicar. The base comes from Basecontacts, their "rubble" base, and the right hand on all terminators has been magnitized so that it can accept any weapon, hammer, halberd, sword, or staff.

The armor was painted using vallejo colors, base coat in black, gunmetal, steel, then highlighted in aluminum. Pin washes of Badab Black were used to give more depth to the armor.

The face was based coated in Luftwaffe Green, then highlighted using using Basic Skin Tone. The eyes and highlights surrounding were done in Electric Blue.

The gold parts of the armor were done in Vallejo Gold, then washed with Sepia and then Badab Black.

The power sword was painted using Black, White, Electric Blue, and Sky Grey.


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